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Memorable Visit of a paper machine plant

Avatar of Clouth Media CrewClouth Media Crew - December 2019

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As a producer and supplier of high-quality doctor systems for the paper industry, we are experts in the world of doctor blades, creping blades, coater blades and doctor holders. An extensive range of accessories rounds off our product portfolio. But it is not always possible for many of our colleagues to see our products in use.  

So, our employees in the production department and the administrative sector at the Hückeswagen site have said that they would like to see a paper machine in operation. They wanted to learn on site where exactly our products are used and how efficiently they keep the rolls and cylinders clean. An important measure to contribute to increased productivity and quality of the finished product.  

The Joh. Clouth trainees, who – as part of their training – regularly and independently carry out smaller projects, had been asked to organise a company visit. 

They asked a long-standing partner and customer of Joh. Clouth if there is an opportunity for a factory tour. There were two dates in November for our employees to make a visit and participate in a mill tour.

Chartered coaches took the colleagues to the factory where an employee of the paper company welcomed them. Once in the plant the guide explained to them the complex paper manufacturing route; from the wire section, in the wet-end, to the press section and on to the dryer section, with is variety of rolls used to dry the paper – here an especially high number of doctoring systems delivered by the Clouth Group are in operation.

It was an experience to see the paper machine live: the engineering performance behind such a huge machine construction and experiencing how important our own product is for the plant and the production of top-quality products, is impressive.

At this point, again our sincere thanks to our customer for the exciting factory tour.