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CLOUTH Cleaning Systems in Hydro’s Automotive Line No. 3

07. October 2019

Sometimes it’s the small, almost invisible components that have a decisive influence on the efficiency of a production process. This is the case with the doctoring systems delivered by the Clouth Group.  They make a substantial contribution to the quality and safety of the Hydro Aluminium Deutschland GmbH’s new automotive line No. 3...

CLOUTH as employer

24. September 2019

Joh. Clouth as employer, for example, offers its employees working time models which are individually aligned according to the various in-service training, life and family models. The work-life-balance plays an important role here...



25. June 2019

For many years now, Clouth, of course, promotes the next generations and gives a chance to young talents! But Clouth would not be Clouth, if we would not go new ways in this area as well...