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Our aspiration to perfection

The companies of the CLOUTH GROUP place the greatest importance on quality, flexibility, the power of innovation and an exceptional cost/benefit ratio. Together with expert and practice-oriented consultation, they contribute in making your production more efficient. The focal point is the interaction of cleaning components and other process parameters which have an enormous impact on the quality of the products.

The combined expertise of Joh. Clouth and Clouth Sprenger includes doctor blades, coater blades, creping blades, holder systems, accessories and services that perfectly match your requirements. The guide for this strategy is our common mission statement. It encompasses the key aspects of the companies from the image of the employees and customers.

Values are our roots and our future

Resolutely continuing our success story
Honesty, reliability, teamwork, an orientation towards the future—values like these carry our company. On this basis, we are independent and successful.
From Germany and into the world. We operate from this base as reliable partner to our customers. We are continually expanding the Clouth market success around the world, to carry it from existing markets to new ones.

Set into motion by passion
One of our strengths has always been to set out in new directions. Our innovative strength and courage to change give us and our customers a leap ahead of the competition. We work continuously to maintain this edge and are only satisfied when we can offer convincing advantages.
Through ongoing progress and steady investment in new technologies, we successfully assert ourselves in contested and new markets with success.

Working with instead of against each other

Success arises from the principle of mutual support
Our employees have been and are the basis of our success, now and into the future. We demand a great deal of them and continually invest in their further development.
We promote tolerant interaction rooted in understanding. We provide and leverage room for ideas. This is how company identification and engagement are strengthened for success of the brand.

Motivation does not run on its own
We transcend all departments and factories to work together with full engagement.
We achieve motivation through mutual respect and esteem. In a cooperative work environment, recognition and constructive criticism occupy equal space. On this basis, problems can be approached objectively and with an eye towards solutions to achieve good results for all involved.

Giving our all for each customer

We have the right people for first-class solutions.
We have been steadily expanding our application and product expertise since 1874. Our experts utilise the competence and experience gained from innumerable installations to find the best solution for each customer. The Clouth brand stands for outstanding and individualised consultation. This results from our employees’ engagement and our predominantly long-term partnerships.

Customer satisfaction is the centre and the goal of our effort.
We identify what our customers need and set it at the focus of our work. At the same time, we are already developing solutions for future demands today. This makes us a partner who is reliable any time, all the time. The relationship to our business partners is shaped by openness, dependability, trust and integrity.

Quality that speaks for itself, and for us

We leave nothing to chance
Each individual component, from one of the world’s most comprehensive product ranges, is marked by a very high level of quality.
Thanks to the strength in depth of our manufacturing, we have a firm grasp on the parameters that make a decisive difference in quality. We employ sound quality assurance processes based on transparent structures.

Our products run—constantly and dependably
Whether an initial installation or a routine replacement, whether multiple or special solutions, our products are easy to integrate and designed for process stability.
We offer reliable solutions at fair terms.

A clear edge through perfect synergy

For us, extraordinary speed is the standard
Not only are the solutions from Clouth marked by high quality, they are also available to the customer on short notice. We ensure high flexibility and reaction speed by the most direct route.
We offer technical support, high product availability, fully developed logistical processes and consignment warehouses. This is how we increase the availability of our customers’ systems and minimize loss of efficiency caused by unplanned events.

We never dwell on problems; we solve them
Because of the experience we have gained through numerous reference projects in similar production sites, we come to understand our customers’ technical processes quickly and expertly. At the same time, we have a holistic view of the upstream and downstream production stages.
Our customers are always convinced by solutions based on our extensive knowledge. This includes innovation in products and services that offer our customers measurable added value.