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Doctor Holder Inspection
Carried out by a Clouth Sprenger Expert

For common creping doctors in the Field of the Yankee Cylinder

Our experts aim to help ensure production runs smoothly. That’s why Clouth Sprenger GmbH focuses not only on CERADIA® creping blades, ideal for modern tissue manufacture, but also on the performance of the creping blade holders. For this, in addition to our V-Guard web-based vibration monitoring system and the low-vibration Galeno creping doctor system, we also offer service and maintenance of creping doctors.

Machine inspections help to ensure that creping and cleaning doctor performance is optimised. This helps reduce interruptions in production and unplanned machine downtime. For you, this means increased machine availability and maximised productivity.

Our Technical Service Team offers you competent service from a single source: We are familiar with the upstream and downstream processes. 

Revision of the doctor holder system

Visual control of

  • the air ducts for leaks
  • the pneumatic connections for leaks
  • the proper function of the gauge
  • the proper function of the pressure regulator
  • the bearings as to the play
  • the oscillation

Verification of the operating parameters and operational settings
  • Angle of the doctor blade
  • Stickout of the doctor blade
  • Stickout of the support blade

Profiling of the doctor holder
  • Profiling of the doctor holder is done corresponding to the manufacturer’s setting instructions or according to the special wishes of the customer.
  • Profiling is done by means of a spacer and a dial gauge in consideration of the ‘secondary crown’ in the edge regions – with a very slightly touching doctor holder
  • The profile is set under pressure with a non-running Yankee

Issuance of a comprehensive report
  • Documentation of all items checked with the corresponding results
  • Documentation of the ‘before and after‘ situation, a clear presentation of all measured values inclusive
  • Documentation of individual agreements made with the customer

Service measurements of used doctor lades in the lab
  • Service measurements of used doctor blades with measurement report

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