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A matter of adjustment.
CLOUTH HiSENSE® for optimal doctoring

In the paper industry in particular, contamination or incorrect settings lead to huge quality impairments and even to machine downtimes.                

We have developed the CLOUTH HiSENSE® so that you can benefit from the longest possible service life of doctor blades and roller covers - as well as the optimum running of your paper machines. Thanks to this universally applicable measuring blade, you not only receive comprehensive measurement of contact pressure and doctor blade angle, you also obtain a detailed report containing all important data, measured values and recommendations for improving doctoring results.

Added value you can measure

  • Added value you can measure
    Measurement of the force application and angle by means of up to 60 sensors on machine widths of up to 12 metres
  • Pressure test
    Determination of the force distribution at CURRENT pressure and calibration of up to 6 levels during a measurement series
  • Simple data collection
    All data is transmitted to our software and evaluated during operation.
  • Increased system availability
    Clean roll, roller and cylinder surfaces and optimum running of the paper machine ensure longer runtimes.
  • Cost reduction thanks to increased energy efficiency
    Reduced drive load
  • Enhanced employee satisfaction
    Optimised and reliable production with high-quality results.

The optimal conditions for a measurement are

  • machine standstill for approx. four hours
  • movable doctor blade holder: Lifting and applying
  • adjustable contact pressure – even at standstill
  • cleaned doctor blade holder and clean roll and cylinder surface

Jan Vettermann, Expert Composite Materials

You will get a detailed report with clear recommendations from our expert in terms of

  • Ideal contact pressure
  • Synchronised doctor blade angle
  • Ideal doctor blade holder settings and recommendations
  • Optimisation of roll and cylinder surface conditioning
  • Recommendations for load optimisation to identify potential energy savings per the measured data


All information at a glance to download:

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