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Paper industry

As an energy-intensive industry, the paper industry has to contend with enormous prejudices. Wrongly - in our opinion - because the paper industry is a prime example of the circular economy. For example, many paper products are later reintroduced into the production process as waste paper. 

This process has always been the same: The fibres are spread, formed, pressed and dried. However, the paper machines used today are technically highly sophisticated production systems. The industry is consistently dedicated to the goal of further reducing emissions and using raw materials more sparingly. 

It is a challenge to meet today's requirements and to further reduce production costs in view of the current price level. Processes must therefore be further optimised and savings potential exploited. 

Our products help you to achieve it, because we specialise in keeping roller, drum and cylinder surfaces clean. We focus primarily on how you can use our help to achieve increased system availability, higher quality, less waste and greater safety in your production.

We offer a tried-and-tested portfolio of (refined) doctor blades and doctor blade holders for this purpose. This way, many improvements can already be achieved conventionally. 

Digitalisation enables us to collect and analyse data transparently and find the best solution for you. 

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