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Tissue industry

Handkerchiefs, toilet paper, napkins and much more. Hand on heart: Can you remember a day without using tissue products?

Tissue products play a decisive role in basic hygiene. Their use helps to contain the spread of pathogens. As important as these products are, their production must fulfil ecological and economic challenges. 

So it's a good thing that the development, manufacture and sale of creping doctors for the tissue industry is not a “by-product” for us, but our absolute core business. This is certainly one reason why our Ceradia® creping blades, finished with high-quality wear protection coatings, have a leading market position.

Because we know about the special features of tissue production, we do not focus solely on the supply of our crepe scrapers. We look at the entire production process.

Using our V-GUARD, fault and risk factors in the on-site machine are quickly identified and visualised. This is an uncomplicated analysis tool that was developed by papermakers for papermakers. The data obtained can be used to optimise the production process and make it more efficient. 

We also take care of the centrepiece of tissue production: The Yankee cylinder. The greatest danger for its service life clearly comes from uncontrolled vibrations of the creping doctor. The new GALENO creping doctor holder prevents vibrations on the creping doctor blade thanks to its damping properties - and thus increases productivity and quality. Unplanned downtime can also be avoided thanks to good protection of the Yankee cylinder surface. 

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