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V-GUARD Vibration measurement system
Improved Yankee safety and reduced downtime

V-GUARD monitors vibration around the creping and cleaning holders. Any interference factors can be quickly visualised, identified and analysed.


  • Precise vibration monitoring using customisable analyses
  • Prevention of chatter marks on Yankee cylinder
  • Increased efficiency due to prevention of machine damage and downtime
  • Highly efficient due to clear definition of the process parameters
  • Simple and safe analysis with logbook system

“Simple analysis tool -
developed by paper makers
for paper makers.”

Selahattin Agar - Application Engineer


Preventative maintenance

To ensure accurate vibration data, two sensors are used on the creping holder and two on the cleaning holder. Depending on the design of the doctor systems, each sensor is mounted on a stainless steel plate welded to the beam.

Monitoring of the machine conditions in real-time

Operators can see potential machine issues which may impact the creping and cleaning holders as they develop and can take action to avoid costly damage and downtime.

Visualised vibrations

Vibration monitoring is essential for smooth production. The specially developed V-Guard software shows the data clearly and simplifies the analysis.

Unique operation

The V-Guard display is easy for operators to adjust to present the most appropriate data, in their preferred layout. Remote system support can be offered.

Defining improvements of process parameters

The vibration data provided by the V-Guard can be used to improve / optimise the design of creping and cleaning doctor blades based on sound data. Simplified Yankee cylinder management.


  • Stainless steel cabinet for the electronics on the machine. Rustproof and water-tight.
  • The long-lasting sensors and cables are acid, alkali and heat resistant. The cable guide is also protected by a special Teflon tube.
  • Standalone device in the control room for continuous monitoring of the system. Monitor with integrated PC. Plug-and-play installation.



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