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Food industry

As a specialist for keeping roller, drum and cylinder surfaces clean, our products are also increasingly being used in the food industry for various applications. 

Our blades are used there to remove the product from the drum surface without any problems. Our specially developed QR-Blade is currently used in the starch processing industry for drum dryers. The aim is to efficiently remove the product from the drum and maximise its yield. In practice, this means: The wet product stock is precisely scraped off the drum surface as a dry product film with our QR-Blade.  As our QR-Blade is also a quick-change system, productivity is significantly increased and downtimes are reduced! 

Our blades are also used when drum cleaning is targeted at preventing impurities from entering the end product. 

It is also used in conjunction with the drum screens of separation plants to separate solid particles from a liquid or semi-liquid substance. This is the case in juice production, for example, when the pulp needs to be separated from the juice. The screens are manufactured in a wide range of sizes so that their permeability determines the size of the solids to be separated (extrusion). Our blade removes all solids during the rotation of the drum screens. 

Here, too, we offer complete system designs in addition to the doctor blade - tailored to your individual requirements. 

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