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Steel and aluminium industry

As a system provider, we specialise in doctor holders, system accessories and special designs and special machine construction. Our starting point is the purification and special treatment of rotating roller, drum and cylinder surfaces.

We provide you with our system solutions as a modular system that already offers customisation options. Or you can use our expertise for the realisation of individual solutions and special applications, tailored to your production environment.

The efficiency of a production process is significantly influenced by how smoothly it runs. In other words: Machines that are at a standstill due to faults or maintenance work cannot contribute to value creation. Our cleaning systems for a wide range of applications in strip finishing systems

are the basis for extending the productive running times of your system by reducing production-related contamination on the rollers/drums/cylinders. Quality losses in the product such as impressions, streaks or stripes are significantly reduced. This also reduces the wastage rate, which increases added value. With otherwise unchanged operating parameters, production can run longer or with fewer interruptions. The result is a significant increase in production output with comparably low investment.

In order to achieve this result under a wide range of conditions, we offer numerous types of holder - from traditional designs to state-of-the-art system designs that can be integrated into your system concepts.

One example is this best practice: Clouth cleaning systems in automotive line 3 at Hydro

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