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By developing the CLOUTH DOCTOR-CUT®, we have addressed the need to safely dispose of used doctor blades, coater blades and creping blades. The cutter is suitable for synthetic and metal blades, is simple and safe to use and enables our customers to dispose of blades at a low cost and with minimal space requirements.


Cutting machine for the disposal of used Doctor Blades

Powder coated steel
Automatic blade feed
Multifuntion control, featuring forward, reverse, start, stop, emergency stop button and isolation switch
High quality specially hardened steel cutting knives (exchangeable)
Special designs upon request
380 V
Weight: 280 kg
waste container (optional)
For synthetic and metal blades
Minimises risk of injury when disposing of used blades
No removal of rivets necessary
Simple and easy to use
Compact and cost-effective blade disposal
Cuts blade 250 mm length for safe disposal
Cutting rate: approx. 5000 mm in 10 sec.
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