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Clouth Sprenger, LLC is the North American Division of the German joint venture company producing the latest state-of-the-art Ceramic and Tungsten creping and coating blades.

Clouth Sprenger, LLC supplies the latest and leading technology in CERAMIC CREPING BLADES and CERAMIC and TUNGSTEN COATING BLADES for use in modern tissue and coated paper production.

The Clouth Sprenger Ceradia® ranges are designed to provide the ideal cost : performance ratio of any coated blades and are produced to the highest quality standards to provide the highest quality finished products.

All Clouth Sprenger products are supported by experienced industry professionals to ensure that the best blade for the job is used and machine conditions optimized to maximize machine up-time.

Clouth Sprenger Ceradia® blades: a new solution for modern manufacturers. Raising your Quality; Meeting your Expectations to exceed Your Customer’s Expectations®.

A major revolution in the tissue industry: The new GALENO creping doctor holder avoids vibration directly at the creping blade and ensures trouble-free production without unwanted downtime. For more productivity and Yankee saftey.