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The perfect connection - Clouth doctor holders

Avatar of Clouth Media CrewClouth Media Crew - November 2020

The perfect connection - Clouth doctor holders

In recent weeks we have been introducing you to the various blades that the Clouth Group offers in its product range: Doctor blades for brilliant cleaning, creping blades for soft paper and coater blades for very special paper surfaces.

And no matter which Clouth doctor blade product is used, Clouth doctor holders ensure a perfect bond with the roller surface.

Thanks to their excellent properties, the flexible holders in particular ensure even better results. Thanks to the pneumatic hose system, these doctor holders are particularly suitable for compensating for irregularities on the roller surface. In this way, the doctor blade is optimally and evenly pressed against the roller over the entire working width - and this with only low contact pressure. The flexible doctor holder thus increases the service life of the doctor blade and protects the roller surface.

The Quick-Top- System allows the cover plate to be removed with just one screw. This means the cover plate can be quickly pulled to either side and effectively cleaned, serviced and quickly refitted. Machine downtimes are significantly reduced. In addition, almost all Clouth doctor blades fit into the Clouth Group's flexible doctor holders.

Joh. Clouth Maschinenbau Eltmann

The doctor holders are manufactured by Joh. Clouth Maschinenbau Eltmann. Joh. Clouth Maschinenbau Eltmann has been part of the Clouth Group since 2005 and is dedicated to the production of holder systems for the paper industry and the individual requirements of customers. Special solutions are carried out from the conceptual design to the market-ready realisation.

Innovative solutions have always been developed at Joh. Clouth Maschinenbau Eltmann. In 2003, the final breakthrough was achieved with the development of the CLOUTH® HS-1. Until then, contour double hose holders had been used on paper machines: Although the centre rod of these holders could be pulled out completely, before the cover plate could be removed, the sealing lip with countless screws had to be loosened first. With the CLOUTH® HS-1, the function of the hose and the sealing function of the front lip were combined in a spring plate. It was therefore possible to not only dispense with one of the hoses but also with the front seal. Dispensing with these components meant that the holder could be offered at a lower price than conventional double hose holders – in addition, it was even smaller, which in turn meant greater compactness.

However, the most important product feature that ensured worldwide success is that only two screws have to be detached to replace the cover plate – a revolution in holder design.

The philosophy of Clouth Group

Special solutions continue to be developed for all customers not making any progress with the standard in close cooperation with the research and development department at the headquarters in Hückeswagen. Joh. Clouth Maschinenbau Eltmann GmbH & Co. KG focuses on the production of complete systems, doctor holders, top-plates, system accessories as well as special aggregates and special machine construction. With this focus on the special requirements, the company seamlessly integrates into the Clouth Group, whose declared goal has always been to guarantee their customers smooth-running and maximum functionality.

Success thanks to individual concepts

Thanks to these customer-focused concepts and individual innovations, Joh. Clouth Maschinenbau Eltmann has again been able to secure several major orders and successful contracts for various doctoring and cleaning systems. These are orders that will be continued in the coming year, continuing and intensifying long-standing business relationships.

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