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Honour for social commitment in digital talent promotion

Avatar of Clouth Media Crew Clouth Media Crew - January 2024

Another reason to celebrate: we are very pleased to have been honoured by the IHK for our social commitment to promoting digital talent as part of the "Trainees in Schools" project by e.V. for the preventative promotion of digital education and media skills in primary schools.

As a modern and future-oriented company, it is extremely important for us to promote digitalisation and media skills in schools and at the same time provide an insight into the world of work. For this reason, we have successfully supported the "Trainees in Schools" project organised by the e.V. association and received an honourable mention from the IHK.

Are you wondering what exactly the " Trainees in Schools" project involves? Our trainee Ann-Kathrin Kalthaus visited the children at Löwengrundschule in Hückeswagen once a week and introduced them to the topic of "Digitalisation in the world of work" in a fun way. This involved supplementing lessons with digital content and media as well as promoting understanding and use of the internet and IT security. Ann-Kathrin tells us what such a day looked like in the following interview:

Ann-Kathrin, tell us what your day at Löwengrundschule was like and how you prepared for it.
My day at Löwengrundschule was always exciting and varied. When I visited the pupils for a few hours, we discussed many interesting and varied topics and worked on them together. Various methods, media skills and forms of communication were used. Among other things, the focus was on using the iPad and socialising. Before each lesson, I prepared myself with the relevant documents from and tried to make the media content as exciting as possible for the pupils. For example, I introduced information about fake news, advertising on social media and artificial intelligence and then discussed it with the pupils, working on worksheets, exercises and various examples. 

What did you particularly like during this time and which moments do you remember with pleasure?
During the whole time that I visited the classes, there were many wonderful moments that I remember fondly. It was always a pleasure for me to visit the pupils, as the classes were always highly motivated. The pupils were also always really happy. One of the best moments was when I received a very nice and emotional farewell present from the first class I looked after. The Christmas period was also very nice. All in all, it was a very nice and exciting time with lots of wonderful experiences.

Did you also reach your limits during this time or what did you have difficulties with?
For me, this project was a very positive experience overall and I was able to learn a lot of new skills. Among other things, I had no real experience of dealing with pupils of this age at the beginning. But after each lesson, I enjoyed it more and more. One thing that caused a few problems was the technology. But together with the teachers, we quickly solved these problems and always found a quick alternative.

Do you think the project was successful and that the children were able to understand and realise the subject matter and importance of the Internet and its safety?
At the end of this project, I am sure that the pupils have learnt and understood the importance of the Internet and its safety. The pupils were always very attentive and interested in every topic and every method. In addition, many students were able to contribute their own experiences from their private environment on the subject of the Internet. I can therefore definitely say that the project was a success.

You put a lot of time and work into the project. In conclusion, how did you find your time at the school?
In conclusion, I found my time at the school very enjoyable and I always enjoyed being able to show and teach the pupils so many things. I always put a lot of time, work and effort into the media content because I wanted to make the topics as appealing and interesting as possible. At the end of the lesson, I was always pleased that the students had fun and learnt something new.

To summarise, the following remains to be said:
Even if it is sometimes not so easy, for example with the technology, it was still a very nice project in which not only I, but also the teachers and above all the pupils learnt a lot. So if I were given the opportunity to support the project again, I would.


With this in mind - thank you Ann-Kathrin for supporting and supervising the project on behalf of the Clouth Group and for giving us a little insight into the "Trainees in Schools" project from the e.V. association in this short interview.


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