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Warm blankets for the clothing store in Moers

Avatar of Clouth Media Crew Clouth Media Crew - February 2024

We are celebrating our 150th anniversary this year and are also allowing social organisations and institutions to take part. The motto alternating between Hückeswagen and Moers, the second location of the Company group, is "150 times ten euros". 

"In January, we presented the Christliche Islandtafel in Hückeswagen with food bags, and the joy was great," says Dr Jörg Koßmann from the management team, who presented the St. Marien Kirchengemeinde in Moers with a total of 150 warm blankets. "The blankets are especially appreciated during the cold season. However, we will be giving a small number of the fleece blankets to Caritas Moers, so that homeless people will also have the opportunity to use the nice, warm blankets," said Mrs Lehmann. She is the manager of the clothing store and, together with a total of 8 volunteers, ensures that needy visitors receive the help they need. 

It will be our turn again in March - we can only reveal this much: you can look forward to an Easter surprise.


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