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Door number 8

08. December 2022

Innovative and efficient - features with which our product behind door number 8 is equipped.  Which product could it be? 

Open door now.

Door number 5

05. December 2022

Which product is probably hidden behind door number 5? We can say one thing: the material of the product is well combined.

Open door now.

Today opens the 3rd door

03. December 2022

Today, one of our classics in the Clouth range is hiding behind the little door. For many years, the product has been an integral part of the portfolio. Curious? 

Open door now.

Making the world of work come alive for children

16. November 2022

As a modern and forward-looking company it is enormously important for us to support digitization as well as digital images and media skills at schools and at the same time to create an insight into the working world. For this reason we are pleased to be able to support the "Trainees at Schools" project.

Curious? Learn more here.