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Experience and Competence – Since 1874

13. June 2019

Even Johann Clouth casted an eye on the papermakers to become his customers when establishing his  sales agency for saws, files and blades 145 years ago. Following a continuous growth, under the 4th generation a specialisation on trading and producing of high-quality consumable parts and capital goods for the paper industry took place.

Since 1874 it happened a lot. Today the company is managed in the fifth generation; however, there always is one stable constant: The name Clouth stands for quality, reliability and an innovative spirit  – made in Germany. We offer an outstanding cost-benefit ratio; which is proven by our long-standing and worldwide growing customer base.  

But as one aptly describes: A standstill is the first step to get behind. In the direct and cooperative exchange with our customers, we thus search  for continuously improved solutions to ensure their success .

In this, our focus is on the highest possible plant availability, a maximised productivity and the best results for our customers.

We look forward to the continuation of our success story looking ahead to the future in a positively expectant way.  It would be a pleasure together with you!

Would you like to learn more on the company Clouth and the products?

Please contact our colleagues in the Sales Dept:

Experience and Competence – Since 1874

Technical Service

28. May 2019

Joh. Clouth grows and grows

It is not only  that our range of products around the doctor blades and doctor holders or the accessories steadily enlarges, it is also our workforce – and that means: We need more space. 

It is for this reason that in April 2019, the Technical Service staff has moved into a new building in close proximity to our headquarters! The building with its light-filled and modernly furnished rooms and workplaces lies directly on the other side of the street. This way, distances remain short and communication continuously personal. 

The neighbouring hall offers space for productive developments, i.e. solutions that are to be implemented at customer’s site can be worked out here.

You want to get more information on the work of our Technical Service? Here you can learn more. 

We will continue to grow.

You think, the work as a staff member in the Technical Service might be exciting and multifaceted?

We look forward to integrate new colleagues:

We anticipate your application – please send it to bewerbungenclouthcom

Technical Service

Technical Service

14. May 2019

Joh. Clouth Technical Service

One of our strengths is the personal advice and support of our customers. It is the cooperative partnership which binds us, and which is earned by a successful mix of know-how, reliability and flexibility. On this basis, we focus on a maximised productivity and improved results – aiming at your success.

Our expert staff is on the job worldwide to check on site whether any parameter of the products from the comprehensive Clouth range used by the customer has been properly installed and adjusted. In this, the working angle, the pressure settings and parallelism are a few aspects only to ensure a trouble-free machine run, since an optimal cleaning of the roll, roller and cylinder surfaces raise the productivity and extend the machine life.

The staff members of our Technical Service are your contact persons when it comes to themes like complete machine audits or the installation and adjustment of doctor holders.

With regards to existing systems as well, our staff can support you in the revision of doctor holder systems – without any restrictions as to the working width.  Service measurements of used doctor blades providing measurement reports, diagrams and recommendations to achieve an improvement in the doctoring work complete our service package. 

You strive for  the highest possible plant availability? Then you are ideally positioned in making use of the shelving store system. In using this clearly defined storage system, you always can be sure to have a safe inventory of doctor blades. Our Technical Service engineers gladly will inform you on our Full-Service offering which includes an initial stocking, a regular control of the inventories as well as the support in the ordering process and a lot more.  

You have any questions? Simply contact our Technical Service staff at infoclouthcom! We look forward to your request!


Technical Service


07. May 2019

Occupational Safety Weeks at Joh. Clouth

We go one better: There is an addition to the Clouth safety gloves family.

With the Clouth Safety-Glove® NITRIL we offer you a safety glove which is used preferably in wet areas. Due to its extensive double coating with Nitrile the 5 finger basic glove is particularly oil- and water-tight and offers an excellent oil skid resistance.  

Of course, the Clouth Safety-Glove® NITRIL – like the Clouth Safety-Glove® made of LEATHER – has a sewn in chain inlay with a reinforced mouse area at the palm, thus offering a high puncture resistance against metal and glass. The chain inlay itself can be re-used in a cost-effective manner.   

Safety and comfort - in this case no contradiction: Despite its very good properties in the abrasion and puncture resistance, the glove offers a very good flexibility and a high wear comfort. The high wristband additionally protects the wrists.

Convince yourself of our new safety glove for the wet area.  Our colleagues in the sales department would be pleased to advise you. Please address to salesclouthcom.

Your safety in handling our products is of a high importance for us – we thus are glad having been able to present you our accessories and tools for the occupational safety within the scope of our Occupational Safety Weeks.  

We will continue with a new exciting topic in our next article. Make sure you stop by!



16. April 2019

Occupational Safety Weeks at Joh. Clouth

Small things with a big impact:

For sure, the CLOUTH DOCTOR-CLIP® is one of such things. This splint locks the blade in the doctor blade holder and thus reduces the risk of injury. It is made from special steel and consequently wear- and maintenance-free and much more durable than conventional safety splints. Thanks to its unfeathered construction, it is easy to handle and a huge time-saver when compared to standard safety splints. Here you can see the CLOUTH DOCTOR-CLIP in action:

Another accessory is our CLOUTH® DOCTOR-TUBE: This special device facilitates the exchange of pressure tubes at flexible doctor holders.  

With the CLOUTH® DOCTOR-TUBE, during the maintenance procedure a vacuum in the tube is created and in consequence, the tube can be exchanged much easier and quicker then. This way, the service time can be reduced, and the efficiency increased.  

The robust PE suitcase contains a tube coupling with a quick-lock for the pressure tube as well as for external compressed air sources.  The operating elements are reduced to a minimum, thus handling of the device is done intuitively.

You want to learn more about our accessories? Please contact us at Our colleagues in the sales department would be pleased to advise you.



02. April 2019

Occupational Safety Weeks at Joh. Clouth

CLOUTH FELT-CLIP®, CLOUTH BELT-CLIP® and CLOUTH WIRE-AND FELT-HOLDER® - three strong partners to be used when changing  felts, wet screens and plastic belts.

One example for a possible use is the replacement of the sensitive felt webs which, due to their size and thickness, have a very high weight. To change these, many manual working steps are necessary, there is an increased risk of injury.  

With the development of the a.m. safety accessories, Clouth intends to minimise the risk of accidents:

The CLOUTH FELT-CLIP® is a self-holding clip for a safe and quick move-in/move-out of felts and wet screens. To be suitable for the wet area, it is made from aluminium and you can choose between an extensible eyelet for the rope hoist operation or a handle for the manual operation. The CLOUTH FELT-CLIP® is available in different sizes and special designs.

The CLOUTH BELT-CLIP® as well is a self-holding clip; it is for the safe move-in/move-out of plastic belts. The clip is made from VA-steel and thanks to its two untempered  gripper wheels it is safe in handling and ensures a safe grip on oily belts, too. The clip, which is a lightweight of only 900 grams, has an extensible eyelet at the rear end.  

Initially the clamping jaws of both clips are closed. The clips can be opened by one’s own hand by mere drag and then firmly lay around the web when opened. 

The CLOUTH WIRE- AND FELT-HOLDER® is a self-clamping holder which is used to close the seams of open felts and dry screens. With its rubberized holding plates out of aluminium and a weight of 2,900 grams, it offers a safe hold on the felts or dry screens to close the cut surface.   

Of course, we have paid attention to an ergonomic design in the development of our products.

You want to learn more about our tools for a safe move-in/move-out of plastic belts and felt webs? Please contact us at Our colleagues in the sales department would be pleased to advise you!

At the very end of our Clouth Occupational Safety Weeks we next time will present you the CLOUTH DOCTOR-CLIP® and the CLOUTH DOCTOR-TUBE®.



22. March 2019

Occupational Safety Weeks at Joh. Clouth

The used blades have been safely removed by means of one of our pulls and disposed in our CLOUTH DOCTOR-CUT® in a sustainable way? Fine.

Then the next thing to be done is to clean the doctor holder and the blade guide, as through a periodical cleaning of the blade guide you will achieve a substantial improvement as to the ease of movement which in consequence makes the blade change quicker and simpler. The accident danger of lacerations declines.  

The special nozzles of the CLOUTH DOCTOR-CLEAN® II  have explicitly been made for use at almost all types of blade holders with a K-pocket. In this way, we ensure that the appropriate nozzle used will clean the doctor holder in all angles and corners of the blade guide.

By removing the dirt particles and deposits in the doctor holder, a uniform contact of the doctor blade is achieved as unevenness has been eliminated and, in consequence, a steady doctor pressure at this cleaned doctor holder has been reinstated.  In addition, it is possible to adjust the doctor holder in a more accurate way. All these components increase the economic efficiency.

Currently available for the cleaning are the CLOUTH DOCTOR-CLEAN® II as well as the CLOUTH DOCTOR-CLEAN® II Plus. Due to their special blade with more-way riveting, they both are suitable for use in right or left side holder positions and flexible in their use. The device can be used for the high-pressure cleaning with water as well as with compressed air and thus can be deployed in all positions.

Here you see our CLOUTH DOCTOR-CLEAN® II in use:
You want to learn more about out cleaning systems? Please contact us at Our colleagues in the sales department would be pleased to advise you-

Next time we will deal with the topic <<Inserting and Use of New Blades>> - the Joh. Clouth Occupational Safety Weeks remain exciting. 



06. March 2019

Occupational Safety Weeks at Joh. Clouth

Following the blade change the question arises: What to do with the used blade?

It frequently occurs that several used blades get collected and then doze in a corner of the production plant, thus being a major source of risk for the personnel – as the blade still can be sharp or due to its length there is the danger of tripping over it.

To avoid this risk already pre-emptively, with our CLOUTH DOCTOR-CUT® we offer you the possibility of a safe and simple disposal of plastic and metal blades, at what the device as well has a space-saving design, can be used in a cost-effective manner.

Our CLOUTH DOCTOR-CUT® is made from powder-coated steel and thus suitable for production environments. By a built-in feed unit, the blades are moved forward to the high-quality tempered special chipper knives, shredded in the machine to leftover pieces of 25 cm and then collected in a lattice box which is available as an option. There is no need to in advance remove rivets that are built in.

During the processing at 380V and a cutting speed of 5,000 mm in 10 seconds, the CLOUTH DOCTOR-CUT® with a weight of 280 kgs stands securely and stable.  

Being the machine operator, you, of course, have the chance to control the crushing process via the back and forward keys.  It is self-explanatory that there is an emergency stop switch as well as a start stop function.  

You want to learn more about the sustainable and secure disposal of used blades? Please contact us at salesclouthcom. Our colleagues in the sales department would be pleased to advise you!

The next topic will deal with the cleaning of the installed doctor holders and the question as to how a clean holder leads to more efficiency - you can be curious!



22. February 2019

Occupational Safety Weeks at Joh. Clouth

As a first topic of our occupational safety weeks we introduced you to the CLOUTH SAFETY GLOVE® – our safety glove with a sewn-in chain inlay and a very high wearing comfort.

Now we are looking into the safe removal of doctor blades from the doctor holders.

That way, especially for the blade change, we have designed miscellaneous extraction tools for different demands by which the used blades can be pulled out easily and safely. When applied in the correct way, slipping off will be avoided and the risk of accidents reduced.

Our accessories are in use in multiple installations and applications and undergo an ongoing optimisation. Thus, replacement activities and maintenance work can be carried out not only in a safer way but more efficiently as well.

The following doctor blade extraction tools are part of our product range:

CLOUTH DOCTOR-PULL® - with 2 specially hardened gripper wheels
CLOUTH POWER-PULL® - with 4 specially hardened gripper wheels
CLOUTH SUPER-PULL® - our recommendation for metal and synthetic blades up to a thickness of 3 mm
CLOUTH DOCTOR-PULL HS-1® - especially for pulling out blades from doctor holders with narrow access

Any of our extraction tools has an ergonomic design and is CE approved. The technical details please find here.  

Here you see our CLOUTH DOCTOR-PULL HS-1® in use:

You want to learn more about our extraction tools for doctor blades? Please contact us at salesclouthcom. Our colleagues in the sales department would be pleased to advise you!

The next topic will deal with the safe and fast disposal of the used blades – we hope you will enjoy it!




06. February 2019

Occupational Safety Weeks at Joh. Clouth

Safety first! Safe practice for the handling of doctor blades.

As a leading global manufacturer of doctor blades and cleaning systems we recognized the importance of occupational safety for the operators at an early stage. Our goal is to improve operator safety when handling our products.

We have used our experience from countless installations to develop suitable equipment. With this knowledge we have developed a range of products designed to improve operator safety when working with paper machine doctor blades.

Products, include the Clouth Safety-Glove®, , doctor blade pullers, doctor holder cleaning systems and specialised sysytems for disposal of used doctor blades on-site  – our various occupational safety products are a perfect addition to our range of doctor blades, creping blades, coater blades, doctor holders and system solutions.

The topic for the next weeks will be:

Occupational Safety Weeks at Joh. Clouth

to introduce you to our extensive product range.

It all starts with our Clouth Safety-Glove® – for your safety.

The Clouth Safety-Glove® is a steel-reinforced HPPE-5 finger-basis glove with double leather patches and internal chain edging which is for the safe handling of doctor blades. It also features high quality leather sewn onto the outside.

The high wrist band improves the safety for the wrist and the sewn-in chain inlay on the palm offers a good cut resistance against metal and glass.

Its low thermal conductivity and the heat resistance up to max. 110°C helps ensure safe handling even in high temperature conditions.

With these numerous protective measures, the glove is comfortable to wear and still allows the necessary sensitivity and flexibility.

If you would like to see the Clouth Safety-Glove® for yourself?
Please contact us at salesclouthcom.
Our colleagues from Sales are always happy to help you!