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CLOUTH Cleaning Systems in Hydro’s Automotive Line No. 3

07. October 2019

Clean Processes for more Efficiency, Quality and Safety:
Cleaning Systems delivered by the Clouth Group to Hydro’s New Automotive Line No. 3

Sometimes it’s the small, almost invisible components that have a decisive influence on the efficiency of a production process. This is the case with the doctoring systems delivered by the Clouth Group.  They make a substantial contribution to the quality and safety of the Hydro Aluminium Deutschland GmbH’s new automotive line No. 3 - and this is by ensuring the cleanliness of the rollers.

A Milestone for the Lightweight Automotive Construction

The highly modern automotive line No. 3 in Grevenbroich has been in operation since May 2017. It delivers aluminium parts to the leading automotive manufacturers in Europe who produce lighter vehicles with these parts and reduce the CO2 emissions in their new cars.  The most modern aluminium strips are produced in a loop within the 190m long plant which must meet the quality requirements of customers like Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW, Peugeot, or Citroën. To ensure this, it is vital to avoid any pressure-marks caused by even the smallest particles which could come occur in the tacking process of the aluminium strips. One possible option here is the installation of doctoring systems, which significantly reduce the deposits on the rollers with no adverse effects on their performance.

The decision to select systems from the Clouth Group – produced from components at the sites in Eltmann and Hückeswagen – was made following the recommendation of the BWG Bergwerk- und Walzwerk-Maschinenbau GmbH, who is the overall plant supplier and responsible for the system.  For more than ten years BWG have successfully implemented projects together with Clouth all over the world, because Clouth is an established and trusted supplier and partner, known for providing on-the-spot consultancy and a quick service under pressure.

Doctor Blade and Roller in Harmony

The Clouth cleaning systems have been implemented step-by-step where they have been needed. Detailed documentation of the production from the beginning, allowed exact conclusions as to the corresponding roller positions. The doctor blade used was the CLOUTH-AS® and the holder was a CLOUTHFLEX®-18 VA mini, each of them has been individually adapted to the specific conditions and requirements.  The specific requirements for the conditions and electrical engineering could be set-up individually, meaning that there was no need for the plant to be shut during the trial run.

Clouth systems excellently fit into the maintenance cycle of the plant, thus no separate maintenance interval needs to be planned here. 

Teamwork at Eye Level

Regarding to the co-operation with Clouth technicians, Lutz Kaufmann expressed his enthusiasm: ‘The installation on the part of Clouth was done in a quick and easy way by their own team of experienced installers which perfectly attuned to the plant and our processes.’

So, excellent conditions for continue cooperation are in place: At the moment, as a retrofitting measure, an installation of doctoring systems in the two other Hydro automotive lines. Nos. 1 and 2 has been agreed.

Marcus Herziger, Sales Manager Non-Paper at Joh. Clouth in Hückeswagen, adds: ‘Herein, the proven Clouth modular construction system comes in useful. Products which have been installed within the new automotive line No. 3 as well can be adapted to already existing plant concepts.’

Another use of Clouth doctoring systems is planned for the product range ‘lithography’ – of course, customized for the given plant and production environment.

Photo: Lutz Kaufmann (on the left), Project Eng. at Hydro, and Marcus Herziger (on the right), Sales Mgr Non-Paper at Clouth in Discussion on the Clouth Cleaning Systems at the Automotive Line No. 3


CLOUTH Cleaning Systems in Hydro’s Automotive Line No. 3

CLOUTH as employer

24. September 2019

The Clouth Staff – Our Key Asset

Joh. Clouth has been a family-owned company since its founding 145 years ago.  It combines tradition and modernity. Our company stands for the best quality, absolute reliability and flexibility. With these qualities we not only convince our customers and partners, but our employees as well!

Joh. Clouth as employer, for example, offers its employees working time models which are individually aligned according to the various in-service training, life and family models.  The work-life-balance plays an important role here.

Modern Workspaces and the Associated Trappings

What’s more, our workspaces are equipped with the latest technology, ergonomics designed making an attractive design of the working spaces, with a focus on occupational safety and an ideal working environment to ensure that our employees are comfortable to help them perform their roles optimally.  As satisfied employees care for our quality.

Offers like the weekly fruit basket as an energy supplier, the weekly  EMS sports programme or regular health checks by the company doctor  further add to job satisfaction and physical comfort. 

Already Thinking about Tomorrow while still in Work !
As well as taking care of our employees during their working years, we also take care of the time after as well – in the form of a company pension scheme.  

You are interested in Joh. Clouth as an Employer? Then please feel free to apply for a job with us!  Either proactively or directly in our job portal in german language. Or check our current job openings. We are looking forward to getting to know you!



CLOUTH as employer


23. July 2019

As reported in the recent issues of the CLOUTH:TICKER, Joh. Clouth provides an apprenticeship in the profession of an industrial clerk (m/f/d), both in the conventional way and in the way to, at the same, acquire the general university maturity.

We have talked to two former apprentices who had chosen this training pathway and questioned them with regards to their experience made over the length of their training.

At the end of the training to an industrial clerk, Elena Höhfeld two years ago successfully started her work  in the sales department and presently studies business administration in part-time.  She here is supported by Clouth with a flexible work-time model.  

Tim Buchholz completed his training to become an industrial clerk last year with the mark ‘very good’ and just now does his high school graduation at the vocational school in Hückeswagen.

Elena, Tim, why  did you choose to undergo a training at Joh. Clouth?

Elena: <<Following my school internship in the 8th class, it already was evident, what I wanted to become. I enjoy working with figures and people. I can do both here.>>

<<After finishing the secondary school, I first did not know at all that there is a possibility to undergo an apprenticeship and at the same time do the high school graduation at the Hückeswagen vocational school. I absolutely wanted to do the high school graduation, I took a spontaneous decision and applied at Clouth.>> Tim says.

How long did your training take?

<<During the first two years I completed the training and achieved the qualification at the Chamber of  Industry and Commerce – Much quicker than in a ‘normal’ apprenticeship. And just know I did my school leaving examinations. That really was much, much more than one usually can handle in a normal 40-hours-week, but it is worth it. >> Tim is pleased.

<<Having achieved my graduation diploma, I immediately started with the training and 2 and a half years later this was completed. Now I additionally study business administration in part-time>> Elena tells.

What was the special thing in training?

Elena: <<Our customers are located all around the world, this way, it is absolutely normal to, from time to time, talk to Indian or Chinese people. So, it helps, to speak English. At that time,  I started in the work preparation department. That was good, as one can learn anything about all our products.  We, you see, manufacture doctor blades, I, of course, had no idea about that before. So, I had to learn the strings. I like my work; I enjoy any day here in the company. The colleagues are nice, and  every day brings little achievements and successes. And sometimes even bigger ones>>

Tim: <<Becoming an industrial clerk, you see,  one passes through all departments, from the purchase to the sales department and the booking department to the logistics. This way, one personally develops more easily when compared with a pure attendance at school. >>

What qualifications an apprentice should bring along?

<<A person that wants to become an industrial clerk, should be able to work in a team and look beyond the end of his nose. And, of course, bring along a certain interest in figures>> Elena explains.

<<And, as well, power of endurance, ambition and continuity, as it is not to learn from time to time a lot, but something at any time. Especially the examination weeks are really stressful>> Tim adds.

You bring along these qualifications and want to become a member of our Team? Then please send us your meaningful application via our job portal.   We are looking forward to getting to know you!

Further information please find on our website on CAREER



09. July 2019

We give our Best

Our engagement in the field of training pays off: In the past, we already could congratulate many talented junior employees to the successful completion of their training. More often than not, we could offer our former apprentices following to their training a permanent job at Joh. Clouth – some also study on a part-time basis and get  Joh. Clouth’s individual support in this.

Honouring the Best 2018

Outstanding performances have been reached by one of our apprentices of the most recent graduation year – he scored with the dream grade ‘excellent’ as one out of 66 young persons in the  Oberbergisch district. Within the scope of a special event of the Cologne Chamber of Industry and Commerce he has been awarded and honoured as ‘Top Apprentice’.

The company Joh. Clouth, as the training enterprise, as well has been especially honoured by the Cologne Chamber of Industry and Commerce with regards to its  outstanding performance in the vocational training.

Both awards encourage us in our demand to actively support young people in acquiring a high-grade and qualified education. 

In the next issue, within the scope of the TRAINING WEEKS AT CLOUTH, our apprentices will get a chance to speak – Take another look then!



25. June 2019

For many years now, Clouth, of course, promotes the next generations and gives a chance to young talents!

But Clouth would not be Clouth, if we would not go new ways in this area as well.

That way, about 10 years ago, together with other local companies we have set up a private vocational school with senior classes leading to a high school education which aims at a more intensive, detailed and early stage interlocking of school education and professional training with a commercial focus – far beyond the standard dual systems of vocational education and training.  

This novel education - which is unique in our federal state - brings together two distinct educational objectives in one single training course: There is the possibility to absolve a 3-years education with a Chamber of Industry and Commerce leaving certificate as an industrial clerk simultaneously acquiring the general university maturity. Irrespective hereof, we offer to undergo such apprenticeship in the conventional way, as well.  

Look forward to learning more on our engagement in the field of vocational training over the coming weeks during the TRAINING WEEKS at JOH. CLOUTH. Here an initial impression:

The apprentices spent time in all Clouth departments to gain a good overview as to how an industrial company functions, which gears mesh properly and which threads run together. By the active involvement in day-to-day business they get an idea on all tasks. In this, they learn that not only recurring tasks and experience, but flexibility as well is of importance for the daily work.

During their time at Clouth, the apprentices are accompanied by two  trainers which also provide advice and support with regards to the attendance at the vocational training school. Moreover, there is an educational officer (m/f) to help the apprentices as their contact persons in case functional questions come up.  In this way, they are provided with an optimal support at each stage of their education.

We presently have six apprentices in industrial management  (m/f/d) and, since last year, for the first time, as well a trainee as ‘technical information processor and application developer‘.  We also look forward to welcoming our new apprentices as off September 2019.

Are you interested in an apprenticeship at Joh. Clouth as off September 2020?

Then please visit us on the occasion of the Professional Training exhibitions in the Bergische Land and get informed by the trainers on the content of the apprenticeship in industrial management (m/f/d) at Joh. Clouth and the necessary qualifications you should bring along.  You there can as well learn directly from our apprentices, how typical training days at Joh. Clouth look like.  

Come and visit Joh. Clouth on one of  these Professional Training exhibitions:

14-09-2019: Messe Wermelskirchen

21-09-2019: Messe Wipperfuerth

26-09-2019: Messe Lindlar

You want to become a member of our Team? Then please send us your meaningful application with the usual documents via our job portal.

We are looking forward to getting to know you.


Experience and Competence – Since 1874

13. June 2019

Even Johann Clouth casted an eye on the papermakers to become his customers when establishing his  sales agency for saws, files and blades 145 years ago. Following a continuous growth, under the 4th generation a specialisation on trading and producing of high-quality consumable parts and capital goods for the paper industry took place.

Since 1874 it happened a lot. Today the company is managed in the fifth generation; however, there always is one stable constant: The name Clouth stands for quality, reliability and an innovative spirit  – made in Germany. We offer an outstanding cost-benefit ratio; which is proven by our long-standing and worldwide growing customer base.  

But as one aptly describes: A standstill is the first step to get behind. In the direct and cooperative exchange with our customers, we thus search  for continuously improved solutions to ensure their success .

In this, our focus is on the highest possible plant availability, a maximised productivity and the best results for our customers.

We look forward to the continuation of our success story looking ahead to the future in a positively expectant way.  It would be a pleasure together with you!

Would you like to learn more on the company Clouth and the products?

Please contact our colleagues in the Sales Dept:

Experience and Competence – Since 1874

Technical Service

28. May 2019

Joh. Clouth grows and grows

It is not only  that our range of products around the doctor blades and doctor holders or the accessories steadily enlarges, it is also our workforce – and that means: We need more space. 

It is for this reason that in April 2019, the Technical Service staff has moved into a new building in close proximity to our headquarters! The building with its light-filled and modernly furnished rooms and workplaces lies directly on the other side of the street. This way, distances remain short and communication continuously personal. 

The neighbouring hall offers space for productive developments, i.e. solutions that are to be implemented at customer’s site can be worked out here.

You want to get more information on the work of our Technical Service? Here you can learn more. 

We will continue to grow.

You think, the work as a staff member in the Technical Service might be exciting and multifaceted?

We look forward to integrate new colleagues:

We anticipate your application – please send it to bewerbungenclouthcom

Technical Service

Technical Service

14. May 2019

Joh. Clouth Technical Service

One of our strengths is the personal advice and support of our customers. It is the cooperative partnership which binds us, and which is earned by a successful mix of know-how, reliability and flexibility. On this basis, we focus on a maximised productivity and improved results – aiming at your success.

Our expert staff is on the job worldwide to check on site whether any parameter of the products from the comprehensive Clouth range used by the customer has been properly installed and adjusted. In this, the working angle, the pressure settings and parallelism are a few aspects only to ensure a trouble-free machine run, since an optimal cleaning of the roll, roller and cylinder surfaces raise the productivity and extend the machine life.

The staff members of our Technical Service are your contact persons when it comes to themes like complete machine audits or the installation and adjustment of doctor holders.

With regards to existing systems as well, our staff can support you in the revision of doctor holder systems – without any restrictions as to the working width.  Service measurements of used doctor blades providing measurement reports, diagrams and recommendations to achieve an improvement in the doctoring work complete our service package. 

You strive for  the highest possible plant availability? Then you are ideally positioned in making use of the shelving store system. In using this clearly defined storage system, you always can be sure to have a safe inventory of doctor blades. Our Technical Service engineers gladly will inform you on our Full-Service offering which includes an initial stocking, a regular control of the inventories as well as the support in the ordering process and a lot more.  

You have any questions? Simply contact our Technical Service staff at infoclouthcom! We look forward to your request!


Technical Service


07. May 2019

Occupational Safety Weeks at Joh. Clouth

We go one better: There is an addition to the Clouth safety gloves family.

With the Clouth Safety-Glove® NITRIL we offer you a safety glove which is used preferably in wet areas. Due to its extensive double coating with Nitrile the 5 finger basic glove is particularly oil- and water-tight and offers an excellent oil skid resistance.  

Of course, the Clouth Safety-Glove® NITRIL – like the Clouth Safety-Glove® made of LEATHER – has a sewn in chain inlay with a reinforced mouse area at the palm, thus offering a high puncture resistance against metal and glass. The chain inlay itself can be re-used in a cost-effective manner.   

Safety and comfort - in this case no contradiction: Despite its very good properties in the abrasion and puncture resistance, the glove offers a very good flexibility and a high wear comfort. The high wristband additionally protects the wrists.

Convince yourself of our new safety glove for the wet area.  Our colleagues in the sales department would be pleased to advise you. Please address to salesclouthcom.

Your safety in handling our products is of a high importance for us – we thus are glad having been able to present you our accessories and tools for the occupational safety within the scope of our Occupational Safety Weeks.  

We will continue with a new exciting topic in our next article. Make sure you stop by!



16. April 2019

Occupational Safety Weeks at Joh. Clouth

Small things with a big impact:

For sure, the CLOUTH DOCTOR-CLIP® is one of such things. This splint locks the blade in the doctor blade holder and thus reduces the risk of injury. It is made from special steel and consequently wear- and maintenance-free and much more durable than conventional safety splints. Thanks to its unfeathered construction, it is easy to handle and a huge time-saver when compared to standard safety splints. Here you can see the CLOUTH DOCTOR-CLIP in action:

Another accessory is our CLOUTH® DOCTOR-TUBE: This special device facilitates the exchange of pressure tubes at flexible doctor holders.  

With the CLOUTH® DOCTOR-TUBE, during the maintenance procedure a vacuum in the tube is created and in consequence, the tube can be exchanged much easier and quicker then. This way, the service time can be reduced, and the efficiency increased.  

The robust PE suitcase contains a tube coupling with a quick-lock for the pressure tube as well as for external compressed air sources.  The operating elements are reduced to a minimum, thus handling of the device is done intuitively.

You want to learn more about our accessories? Please contact us at Our colleagues in the sales department would be pleased to advise you.