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SAFE THE DATE! Clouth Sprenger at the Tissue World Miami

11. February 2020


The New Creping Blade Holder GALENO at the TISSUE WORLD MIAMI

In the days March 11 to 13, 2020 producers and experts from the tissue branch will meet in Miami at the biggest North American fair around tissue production.

This year again, more than 200 international exhibitors will present  innovations, trends and recent research findings.  

One of such innovations is the creping blade holder GALENO developed by Clouth Sprenger.

Only a short while ago, the GALENO - that due to its damping properties can prevent vibrations at the creping blades and thus stop the occurrence of chatter marks at the Yankee cylinder – has been presented  in Europe.

Amongst other products made by Clouth Sprenger, a model of the GALENO and, as well, the V-Guard – a vibration measuring system – are on their way to Miami.  

Please visit our booth G40 where you can convince yourself of the GALENO functionality and its advantages. We look forward to seeing you there!

You want to get some information on this creping blade holder prior to your visit? Then come and visit the GALENO website!

What is more, Jörg Morschek, our expert and product manager for creping blade holders, will be one of this year’s lecturers at the fair.

During the  technical session on March 13, 2020 at 8:40 a.m. he will give a lecture on the subject <<No More Chatter Marks on the Yankee Surface - Development of a New Creping Blade Holder Concept" to explain the mode of action of the GALENO.

Make sure you stop by!

SAFE THE DATE! Clouth Sprenger at the Tissue World Miami

CLOUTH SPRENGER - A successful Joint Venture

28. January 2020

With founding of Clouth Sprenger GmbH, the two companies Horst Sprenger GmbH from Moers - specialists in doctor blade dosing systems - and Joh. Clouth GmbH & Co. KG from Hückeswagen - global market leader in the field of doctor blades - consolidated their forces to use synergies.

Clouth Sprenger GmbH is specialised in coating coater blades and creping blades with high quality wear protection coatings.

The pioneering processes in the field of refinement benefit our customers twice over: The longer service life of the products not only maximise productivity, but also significantly improve the paper quality. With regards to latest developments in the industry – we are always on the pulse of time.

In their test series the application technology department and the quality lab precisely and individually adapt the blades to the customer’s application conditions which is to meet the challenges in everyday operation – for no coater ever looks like the other!

In addition, the application technology department and the quality lab provide the customers with support regarding to process optimisation. Here again, blade analyses provide valuable insights to achieve an efficiency enhancement and a quality increase with respect to the coating process.

Moreover, our CERADIA® R&D Team also contributes to the individual product adaption and development. In close contact with customers, universities and additional cooperation partners we are constantly doing research on the optimisation of wear-resistant coating.

Not only in the field of coated coater blades and creping blades we are pointing the way – we, as well, find innovative solutions to avoid vibrations at the creping blades and the resulting chatter marks. On this issue, we recently have been able to present the creping doctor system GALENO by CLOUTH SPRENGER – in using this holder, a protection of the Yankee surface is ensured and the maintenance costs can be reduced.

In addition, with our V-Guard vibration measuring systems customers can get a substantial insight into the blade vibrations during the ongoing process.

You want to learn more about the GALENO system? Then please call Jörg Morschek, our expert for creping blade holders, at +49 174 1979846 or send us a mail to galenoclouthsprengercom


CLOUTH SPRENGER - A successful Joint Venture

Have a quiet life. Silence the chatter!

14. January 2020

Tissue production without vibrations:

The new creping doctor system GALENO

A major revolution in the tissue industry: The new GALENO creping doctor holder stops vibrations at the creping blade – and thus raises productivity and improves Yankee safety. How does that work? Very simple, with uniqueClouth Sprengerinnovative technology.


Our Research and Development Department got to the bottom of quality problems and expensive downtime in the tissue production. Following research into vibration around the creping process, a significant cause was traced – and the idea for the GALENO was born. Simply: the GALENO prevents the creping blade vibrating. This is achieved as the creping blade is held inside the holder and fixed using a clamp hose to prevent transmission of vibration. A further damping element at the upper end of the holder prevents vibration along the entire length of the creping blade.







A great feature of the GALENO is the option to adjust the operating angle during running, without having to stop the machine or change blades. An integrated water circuit prevents thermal deflection of the doctor beam, as it effectively counteracts the large differences in temperature between the Yankee surface and the environment. Safer and easier tissue production – with the Clouth Sprenger GALENO creping doctor system.


  • durable: Prevent chattermarks and expensive Yankee regrinds
  • cost efficient: low-maintenance creping technology
  • raise productivity: minimise machine downtime
  • flexible: adapt the level of the Galeno doctor system automation to your requirements

Convince yourself of the benefits of the GALENO in our product video.

Convinced? You want trouble-free tissue production without Yankee chatter damage?

Contact us on: galenoclouthsprengercom or call Jörg Morschek, the responsible Project Manager: +49 174 1979846

We look forward to receiving your inquiry.


Have a quiet life. Silence the chatter!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

19. December 2019

Dear visitor of our CLOUTH:TICKER,

our CLOUTH:TICKER is on vacation until January 2020. Then we will continue with exciting topics about the CLOUTH GROUP. 

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year. 


The Social-Media-Team of Joh. Clouth GmbH & Co. KG

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Memorable Visit of a paper machine plant

05. December 2019

As a producer and supplier of high-quality doctor systems for the paper industry, we are experts in the world of doctor blades, creping blades, coater blades and doctor holders. An extensive range of accessories rounds off our product portfolio. But it is not always possible for many of our colleagues to see our products in use.  

So, our employees in the production department and the administrative sector at the Hückeswagen site have said that they would like to see a paper machine in operation. They wanted to learn on site where exactly our products are used and how efficiently they keep the rolls and cylinders clean. An important measure to contribute to increased productivity and quality of the finished product.  

The Joh. Clouth trainees, who – as part of their training – regularly and independently carry out smaller projects, had been asked to organise a company visit. 

They asked a long-standing partner and customer of Joh. Clouth if there is an opportunity for a factory tour. There were two dates in November for our employees to make a visit and participate in a mill tour.

Chartered coaches took the colleagues to the factory where an employee of the paper company welcomed them. Once in the plant the guide explained to them the complex paper manufacturing route; from the wire section, in the wet-end, to the press section and on to the dryer section, with is variety of rolls used to dry the paper – here an especially high number of doctoring systems delivered by the Clouth Group are in operation.

It was an experience to see the paper machine live: the engineering performance behind such a huge machine construction and experiencing how important our own product is for the plant and the production of top-quality products, is impressive.

At this point, again our sincere thanks to our customer for the exciting factory tour.

Memorable Visit of a paper machine plant

Doctor blade changes on the run!

21. November 2019

It´s possible now: Doctor blade changes while the machine is running!

Now, the time has come: Today we present the first mobile system for doctor blade changes on the run!




This world first enables the blade to be easily and safely removed and replaced while the machine is running and ensures:

  • Higher efficiency and product quality
  • Optimised machine runtime
  • Increased work safety

See for yourself!



Here you can find our detailed product flyer. ​​​​​​​

Any questions? We are happy to answer!

Please contact us via email salesclouthcom or via phone +49 2192 853-0

Doctor blade changes on the run!

Innovation in doctor blade change

24. October 2019

Ideas and visions that become reality

Soon you will learn more about the innovation of doctor blade changes while the machine is running.

Innovation in doctor blade change

CLOUTH Cleaning Systems in Hydro’s Automotive Line No. 3

07. October 2019

Clean Processes for more Efficiency, Quality and Safety:
Cleaning Systems delivered by the Clouth Group to Hydro’s New Automotive Line No. 3

Sometimes it’s the small, almost invisible components that have a decisive influence on the efficiency of a production process. This is the case with the doctoring systems delivered by the Clouth Group.  They make a substantial contribution to the quality and safety of the Hydro Aluminium Deutschland GmbH’s new automotive line No. 3 - and this is by ensuring the cleanliness of the rollers.

A Milestone for the Lightweight Automotive Construction

The highly modern automotive line No. 3 in Grevenbroich has been in operation since May 2017. It delivers aluminium parts to the leading automotive manufacturers in Europe who produce lighter vehicles with these parts and reduce the CO2 emissions in their new cars.  The most modern aluminium strips are produced in a loop within the 190m long plant which must meet the quality requirements of customers like Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW, Peugeot, or Citroën. To ensure this, it is vital to avoid any pressure-marks caused by even the smallest particles which could come occur in the tacking process of the aluminium strips. One possible option here is the installation of doctoring systems, which significantly reduce the deposits on the rollers with no adverse effects on their performance.

The decision to select systems from the Clouth Group – produced from components at the sites in Eltmann and Hückeswagen – was made following the recommendation of the BWG Bergwerk- und Walzwerk-Maschinenbau GmbH, who is the overall plant supplier and responsible for the system.  For more than ten years BWG have successfully implemented projects together with Clouth all over the world, because Clouth is an established and trusted supplier and partner, known for providing on-the-spot consultancy and a quick service under pressure.

Doctor Blade and Roller in Harmony

The Clouth cleaning systems have been implemented step-by-step where they have been needed. Detailed documentation of the production from the beginning, allowed exact conclusions as to the corresponding roller positions. The doctor blade used was the CLOUTH-AS® and the holder was a CLOUTHFLEX®-18 VA mini, each of them has been individually adapted to the specific conditions and requirements.  The specific requirements for the conditions and electrical engineering could be set-up individually, meaning that there was no need for the plant to be shut during the trial run.

Clouth systems excellently fit into the maintenance cycle of the plant, thus no separate maintenance interval needs to be planned here. 

Teamwork at Eye Level

Regarding to the co-operation with Clouth technicians, Lutz Kaufmann expressed his enthusiasm: ‘The installation on the part of Clouth was done in a quick and easy way by their own team of experienced installers which perfectly attuned to the plant and our processes.’

So, excellent conditions for continue cooperation are in place: At the moment, as a retrofitting measure, an installation of doctoring systems in the two other Hydro automotive lines. Nos. 1 and 2 has been agreed.

Marcus Herziger, Sales Manager Non-Paper at Joh. Clouth in Hückeswagen, adds: ‘Herein, the proven Clouth modular construction system comes in useful. Products which have been installed within the new automotive line No. 3 as well can be adapted to already existing plant concepts.’

Another use of Clouth doctoring systems is planned for the product range ‘lithography’ – of course, customized for the given plant and production environment.

Photo: Lutz Kaufmann (on the left), Project Eng. at Hydro, and Marcus Herziger (on the right), Sales Mgr Non-Paper at Clouth in Discussion on the Clouth Cleaning Systems at the Automotive Line No. 3


CLOUTH Cleaning Systems in Hydro’s Automotive Line No. 3

CLOUTH as employer

24. September 2019

The Clouth Staff – Our Key Asset

Joh. Clouth has been a family-owned company since its founding 145 years ago.  It combines tradition and modernity. Our company stands for the best quality, absolute reliability and flexibility. With these qualities we not only convince our customers and partners, but our employees as well!

Joh. Clouth as employer, for example, offers its employees working time models which are individually aligned according to the various in-service training, life and family models.  The work-life-balance plays an important role here.

Modern Workspaces and the Associated Trappings

What’s more, our workspaces are equipped with the latest technology, ergonomics designed making an attractive design of the working spaces, with a focus on occupational safety and an ideal working environment to ensure that our employees are comfortable to help them perform their roles optimally.  As satisfied employees care for our quality.

Offers like the weekly fruit basket as an energy supplier, the weekly  EMS sports programme or regular health checks by the company doctor  further add to job satisfaction and physical comfort. 

Already Thinking about Tomorrow while still in Work !
As well as taking care of our employees during their working years, we also take care of the time after as well – in the form of a company pension scheme.  

You are interested in Joh. Clouth as an Employer? Then please feel free to apply for a job with us!  Either proactively or directly in our job portal in german language. Or check our current job openings. We are looking forward to getting to know you!



CLOUTH as employer


23. July 2019

As reported in the recent issues of the CLOUTH:TICKER, Joh. Clouth provides an apprenticeship in the profession of an industrial clerk (m/f/d), both in the conventional way and in the way to, at the same, acquire the general university maturity.

We have talked to two former apprentices who had chosen this training pathway and questioned them with regards to their experience made over the length of their training.

At the end of the training to an industrial clerk, Elena Höhfeld two years ago successfully started her work  in the sales department and presently studies business administration in part-time.  She here is supported by Clouth with a flexible work-time model.  

Tim Buchholz completed his training to become an industrial clerk last year with the mark ‘very good’ and just now does his high school graduation at the vocational school in Hückeswagen.

Elena, Tim, why  did you choose to undergo a training at Joh. Clouth?

Elena: <<Following my school internship in the 8th class, it already was evident, what I wanted to become. I enjoy working with figures and people. I can do both here.>>

<<After finishing the secondary school, I first did not know at all that there is a possibility to undergo an apprenticeship and at the same time do the high school graduation at the Hückeswagen vocational school. I absolutely wanted to do the high school graduation, I took a spontaneous decision and applied at Clouth.>> Tim says.

How long did your training take?

<<During the first two years I completed the training and achieved the qualification at the Chamber of  Industry and Commerce – Much quicker than in a ‘normal’ apprenticeship. And just know I did my school leaving examinations. That really was much, much more than one usually can handle in a normal 40-hours-week, but it is worth it. >> Tim is pleased.

<<Having achieved my graduation diploma, I immediately started with the training and 2 and a half years later this was completed. Now I additionally study business administration in part-time>> Elena tells.

What was the special thing in training?

Elena: <<Our customers are located all around the world, this way, it is absolutely normal to, from time to time, talk to Indian or Chinese people. So, it helps, to speak English. At that time,  I started in the work preparation department. That was good, as one can learn anything about all our products.  We, you see, manufacture doctor blades, I, of course, had no idea about that before. So, I had to learn the strings. I like my work; I enjoy any day here in the company. The colleagues are nice, and  every day brings little achievements and successes. And sometimes even bigger ones>>

Tim: <<Becoming an industrial clerk, you see,  one passes through all departments, from the purchase to the sales department and the booking department to the logistics. This way, one personally develops more easily when compared with a pure attendance at school. >>

What qualifications an apprentice should bring along?

<<A person that wants to become an industrial clerk, should be able to work in a team and look beyond the end of his nose. And, of course, bring along a certain interest in figures>> Elena explains.

<<And, as well, power of endurance, ambition and continuity, as it is not to learn from time to time a lot, but something at any time. Especially the examination weeks are really stressful>> Tim adds.

You bring along these qualifications and want to become a member of our Team? Then please send us your meaningful application via our job portal.   We are looking forward to getting to know you!

Further information please find on our website on CAREER