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Avatar of Clouth Media CrewClouth Media Crew - February 2021

We recently reported on the applications for doctor blades, coater blades and creping doctors.

As a reminder: Our doctor blades and systems serve to gently and reliably clean the rolls and cylinders in paper machines. The use of Clouth doctor blades prevents deposits such as dust, dirt and other particles from leaving marks on the paper web which would lead a considerable loss of quality.

Doctor blades therefore have a significant influence on the production results – i.e. the quality of the paper.

There are different requirements for a doctor blade depending on the area of the paper machine where it used. With composite materials, we distinguish between doctor blades made of thermoplastics/phenoplastics, glass fibre, carbon fibre, and combinations of glass fibre and carbon fibre.

Over the coming weeks, we will be presenting doctor blades to you from these areas. 

We will start with the Durada®-100D. Durada®-100D has proven its worth in demanding applications on the modern centre press rolls in particular with ceramic cover or stone replacement cover.

It is extremely wear-resistant and highly resistant to chemicals. It also has a very low coefficient of friction and very high degree of rigidity. This provides an effective and energy-efficient cleaning. The advantages of this doctor blade are further complemented by the flame-retardant characteristics of the material.

The doctor blade comprises carbon fibre fabric with a thermoplastic matrix. Thermoplastics are plastics than can be deformed at a defined temperature. This is why we refer to a continuous use temperature, at which the defined properties of this blade can be guaranteed. If this temperature is exceeded, these properties may be lost or changed. The continuous use temperature of Durada®-100D is 180°C.

The fabric inlay imparts important characteristics such as higher strength combined with improved cleaning effects. Nevertheless, the cleaning of the roll surface remains gentle. Further technical information about this product can be found here

Durada®-100D can also be used in other areas, e.g. on heavily soiled drying cylinders. The thermoplastic matrix prevents delamination in this area. Our experienced service technicians will help you to select the right blade for your application and will also be happy to inform you about other parameters for improved doctoring.

Would you like to discover the properties of the Durada®-100D for yourself? Contact our sales experts at

In the next article, we will introduce you to an innovative development that is currently without equal. Stay intrigued and come back in week 8!